Floor Poster Browser 40" x 60"

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Floor Poster Browser 40
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Floor Poster Browser Frame - Includes 15x Classic Sleeves at 40" x 60"

Perfect solution provider for General Presentation of Artwork or Engravings or Posters. Thus an ideal unit for Educational or Art Colleges or Exhibition Events or Office or Retail Outlets. Plus unit comes with castor wheels thus allowing easy set-up and transportation between rooms and exhibition events

1. Supplied - 1x Steel Poster Browser Frame
2. Supplied - 15x Poster Sleeves at 40" x 60" finished in 'Landscape'

1. Also - Poster Frame has a choice of 8x Colour Choices - (see image)
2. Also - Poster Sleeve has a choice of 6x Colour Choices - (see image)
3. Also - Poster Sleeve have a fabric edges and attractive 'Gold or Silver' Metal Corners' (for extra strength)
4. Also - Poster Sleeves are designed to hold posters at 40" x 60" (101x152cms or 1010x1520mm)
5. Also - Poster Sleeves are double-sided, hence 15x sleeves hold 30x posters
6. Expandable - Frame is designed to allow a maximum of 30x sleeves (perfect for future add-ins)
7. (Approx) = Steel Frame - H1002mm x W675mm x D515mm at 13kgs

1. Action = Decide what 'Frame Colour' + 'Sleeve Colour and Corners' are required - (use supplied drop-down-boxes)
2. Transit times - Due to colours options, please allow 2 weeks for supply (approx)
3. Postage is £25 - However; please open and read 'More Info' for qualifying areas

Additional Items:
1. If more Poster Sleeves are required - refer to the 'Related Products' (found top right of this page)

Video Guidance (Reveals Full Video for Assembly) =video

UK Postage costs:

1. Postage costs supplied are to the following areas:
2. England, Wales and Lowlands of Scotland (G + EH postcodes and south of Scotland)

Other Postage Areas:

1. If outside the given areas..
2. Choice 1 = Telephone 01244 371443

3. Choice 2 = Email
4. If emailing - Tell us the website reference number
5. If emailing - Tell us the amounts required
6. If emailing - Tell us your full delivery address
7. If emailing - Avoid PO Box delivery addresses
8. We will respond with full costs

BACS Payment?

1. Yes - We can accept a Bacs payment
2. Please call or email us (see above details)
3. Once we gain your details, we will send an invoice to you

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