(HIRE) - 8.5K Ticket Tombola Drum

Reference number: HIRE-SRDH0014

(HIRE) - 8.5K Ticket Tombola Drum
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(Excluding VAT at 20%)

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(HIRE) - 8.5K Ticket Tombola Drum


Rental Details:

Rental of the "Tombola" = £200
(Rental includes - Tombola Rental + Delivery + Collection)

Rental Period = 5x Day Rental - 'More info' page

Action 1 = Add to cart and make your purchase
Action 2 = You will be charged *£200 - (£100 rental + £100 deposit)
Action 3 = When the goods have been returned + examined + confirmed all is OK
Action 4 = We will then, refund you £100

*Hire Terms & Conditions =

*Be aware, You are agreeing to the T&C on the supplied PDF!


Postage Areas:
1. (Postage) - subjected to locations - see 'PDF' (page 3)

1. (Stock) - If the status says 'In Stock' then, order with confidence!

Start of the Rental Period:

1. (The Rental Period) - 5x Day Rental
2. This means, once the goods have arrived with you
3. The hire period 'Starts'

End of the Rental Period:

1. (The Rental Period) - 5x Day Rental
2. This means, once the goods have been collected from you
3. The hire period 'Ends'

Popular Q&A's

Q1 - Can I stipulate the 'Start' Date?
A1(a) - Yes, but, allow 24hrs for the goods to arrive with you

Q2 - What are the delivery and collection dates?
A2(a) - They are always working days
A2(b) - Deliveries are Monday to Friday between 09:00hrs - 17:00hrs
A3(c) - Collections are always Monday to Friday between 12:00hrs - 17:00hrs

Q3 - Packaging?
A3(a) - The goods are sent out fully packaged + protected
A3(b) - The goods are collected using the same packaging
A3)c) - All you need to do is remove the old labels
A3(d) - Collection driver will bring the collection notes

Q4 - What happens if the driver fails to collect?
A4(a) - If this is our fault, we re-arrange another collection date
A4(b) - If this is your fault, failed collections are charged to you!

Q5 - Can I 'Rent' for longer period?
A5(a) - Yes - call us - 01244 470904

Q6 - Can I pay using Bacs?
A6(a) - Yes - call us - 01244 470904

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