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Unique Orders:
1. This page is for clients that are ordering a few items
2. This allows clients to make a payment via this website

Action 1 = Please make a list of all wanted products, including website reference numbers
Action 2 = Call us with your wanted products = Tel: 01244 470905
Action 3 = We will then, offer you discounts and list all the goods on 1x single page
Action 4 = We will then, send you an email with a direct website link
Action 5 = You simply open the page and create your purchase
Action 6 = Payment can be made by Card or PayPal

We look forward to your telephone call - 01244 470905

More Information:
1. This page will contain postage details
2. This page may include product dimensions
3. This page can include any finer details that you request

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