Flip File Displays Terms and Conditions

Last Updated = 17th August 2017

All prices are in £ pound sterling
All prices supplied online / quoted are strictly net and subject to VAT

VAT registration Number = 280 256 705

Limited Company Number = 10828219
Limited Company Name = Estate Assets Limited
Trading Name = Flip File Displays


Majority of our payments are online and paid upfront at the point of purchase
Full payment is online at the point of purchase, lead times commence from receipt of purchase order and cleared payment and any other relevant information confirmed in writing. Posting will only commence when item is physically in stock and not before. Flip File Displays will always make direct contact to our customers should your goods take additional days.
Credit account for strictly 30 days credit can be opened after completion of three jobs and when the client's cumulative spending with us has surpassed £1000 + VAT. When all of these conditions have been met application forms are available upon request. The strictly 30 day credit account can only be opened once the application form has been approved.
Opening an Account: New customer credit account will be subject to two references of good credit.

It is understood that the placing of an order constitutes a warranty by the Client that he or she is fully entitled to the copyright in any material made available to Flip File Displays also he or she has secured all necessary authority and permission in respect of the use thereof, and the Client assumes absolute liability for any resulting action brought by a third party.

Designs, drawings and artwork produced by Flip File Displays remain their property and cannot be traced, copied or exhibited to any third party without written consent. Flip File Displays will send a proof of digital artwork designed as a PDF or in an alternative specified digital format if requested. Hard copy proofs are available at an additional cost.
Once a proof is approved by the client Flip File Displays are no longer liable for any errors in the artwork once printed.
All quotations are valid for 30 days from issue date, subjected to view of customer's originals, detailed instructions.
Flip File Displays reserves the right to alter the price and terms of the quotation if, upon inspection of the clients order, they differ significantly from the specification or timescales understood by Flip File Displays when the quotation was given.
Prints are quoted for direct output only from client's print ready file. Any design/art working/proofing time required is currently charged at £40 per hour + VAT.
Flip File Displays requires full payment with purchase order from all non-account customers to commence production and/or dispatch of goods. Unless stated, there is a minimum order charge of £100 on standard items and £200 on bespoke items.
Credit cards = Can be accepted but, not on the telephone, we will create a unique listing on our website for your card payment
PayPal = Can be accepted but, not on the telephone, we will create a unique listing on our website for your card payment
Cheque = Sorry, we no longer accept cheque payments
Invoice = We can accept a BACS (Bank Transfer) - Tel - 01244 470905
Cleared Payments = Payment must be cleared in Flip File Displays' account to commence production and/or before dispatch of goods.

All orders are accepted on the understanding that it is not always possible to guarantee an accurate colour balance and Flip File Displays will not be liable for failure to do so.
Without special instructions or colour guide colour reproduction will be at the discretion of our experienced technicians.
Colour matching cannot be guaranteed 100% between data and actual prints however; we will aim to make the closest match

All service times, delivery dates quoted are from the receipt of the Client's orders and origination in our studio (and full payment in the case of non-account holders). Flip File Displays reserves the right to alter service times, delivery dates, if on inspection of the Client's order they differ significantly from the specification understood by us when the quotation was issued.
Flip File Displays will not be responsible due to delays by parcel carriers
Flip File Displays will aim to supply your completed goods within the times quoted but will not accept any liability for damages in the event of failure to comply.
Deliveries of the goods are to the address of the given property and not the individual.
Flip File Displays cannot accept any claim for consequential loss no matter how caused. Upon receipt of your order you will be asked to sign for the goods received in good condition. Please check your delivery thoroughly as damages cannot be accepted once the goods have been signed for. Any damage incurred to goods in transit should be rejected at point of delivery or signed for as "DAMAGED" and reported to Flip File Displays within 3 working days. Failure to do so will affect any claims
Flip File Displays cannot accept any claim for consequential loss no matter how caused.

No goods may be returned to Flip File Displays without prior consent.
If goods are returned without prior permission to Flip File Displays then they are done so entirely at the buyer's cost and risk. A restocking charge may be made, up to 20% of the invoice value of all goods returned, however:
The easiest way of letting us know about a problem is to telephone us immediately upon receipt of goods on our local call rate number 01244 470905 and our helpful staff will be happy to assist you with any query you may have. Confirmation of the "reason for return" should be sent in writing to Flip File Displays, Freshfields, Woodlands Avenue, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 4AT or via email - within 3 working days of the receipt of actual goods by client or his agent.
If the goods were refused due to damage in transit or signed for as "DAMAGED", the cost of return will be honoured by Flip File Displays. Otherwise, the cost of the return will be borne by the client and the goods will be repaired or replaced (in extreme circumstances) should the "reason for return" be found valid.
Flip File Displays will not give refund for goods (for business to business transactions) that are:
In good working order, Repairable, Custom made, i.e. produced to the customer's specifications. In all cases Flip File Displays reserve the right to repair or replace goods over refunding monies.
Should you arrange the transportation of the goods to our premises with out pre-warning Flip File Displays then, we will not be liable for the postage costs. If the goods are received damaged then your claim will be with your selected parcel carrier

Any other issue with goods received from Flip File Displays must be reported to Flip File Displays in writing within 3 working days from receipt of goods by client or his agent.
It is necessary that all relevant work and original material be returned to Flip File Displays however, if goods are received damaged then we reserve the right to instruct an independent damage inspector to inspect the goods
Should the customer refuse the damaged goods or even return the damaged parcel(s) then this action could cause more damage and affect your claim for a refund or a replacement - Please refer to terms 6.3 section 6 as this explains your rights


All metal components have a 1 year guarantee however; glass / lamps / fuses have no warranty. Where the Goods have been manufactured by the Seller and are found to be defective, the Seller shall repair, or at its sole discretion, replace defective Goods free of charge, subject to the following conditions:
Such notice being served in writing within 12 months of actual delivery date
The defect being due to the faulty design, materials or workmanship of the Seller and not due to normal wear and tear.
The Seller shall not be liable for any defects or damage caused through use of equipment, which was not specified at the time of quotation/acceptance of order.
The above provisions do not apply to lamps / Lights / Bulbs / Fuses.
Any Goods to be repaired or replaced shall be returned to the Seller at the Buyer's expense
If the seller is asked to collect the goods then, this will be arranged and agreed between each other
The seller will return / accept faulty goods for possible repair or replacement however; the goods must be removed off-site for this examination, If the buyer refuses this examination off-site, then, we cannot solve the issue and your guarantee is voided
Where goods have been installed by the Buyer or sub-contractor of the Buyer and have become defective then the Seller will not be at liberty to visit the Buyer to replace the product. If a visit is made by the Seller then a charge for the visit will be made.
Where the Goods have been manufactured and supplied to the Seller by a third party, any warranty granted to the Seller in respect of the Goods shall be passed on to the buyer.
Subject to the Seller's liability, the Seller shall be under no liability whatever to the Buyer for any loss (including loss of profit)

Flip File Displays shall not be liable for failure to carry out any contract owing to an act of God, war strikes, lock-outs, fire, storm, weather, breakdown of machinery or any other cause above and beyond our control or owing to inability to procure materials or services except at increased prices.

Rental Period: The contract shall commence on the Delivery Date and shall continue for the Rental Period
Delivery Date: All times or dates quoted for delivery of the Goods are given in good faith but without any responsibility on the part of Flip File Displays. Time of delivery shall not be of the essence of the Contract

Charges for the hire of the goods shall be payable at the daily, weekly or monthly rates specified.
Upon expiry of the Rental Period, charges shall continue to be payable until the goods are returned to the company's premises or any other address specified by the company
Charges will remain in place and charged at the relevant rates, If a daily rental is taken then late returns will be charged at the agreed daily charges until returned to Flip File Displays - 11.3A
* If a weekly rental is taken then late returns will be charged at the agreed weekly charges until returned to Flip File Displays.
Definition of return: Signed and accepted in full of all rented products by a Flip File Displays staff member and not before.
Charges for the hire of goods shall be subject to a minimum daily hire charge of £25+vat that the hirer accepts on the commencement of the hire irrespective of its duration


The Hirer hereby undertakes and agrees as follows:
To inspect the goods immediately on delivery thereto and to notify Flip File Displays within 48 hours of delivery by fax or telephone that the goods are either defective or otherwise not in accordance with the contract. If no such notification is given the goods shall be deemed to be complete and in good order and condition and fit for the purpose for which it's required by the hirer and the hirer shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly
To use the goods in a proper manner and with all reasonable care and to operate the goods in accordance with any instructions issued.
The hirer will also ensure that the goods are operated and used only by properly skilled and trained personnel under proper and appropriate supervision.
Not to use the goods for any other purpose for which they were not designed or intended and not to interfere or tamper with nor allow any other person to do so unless previously agreed in writing by Flip File Displays.
To allow Flip File Displays or its duly authorised agent or representative upon reasonable notice at any time access to inspect repair, service and collect the goods (as appropriate); not to make any alterations, modifications or technical adjustments or attempt to make any repairs to the goods without prior written consent to Flip File Displays.
Not to obliterate, move, deface or cover up any identification plates or marks affixed to the goods.
The goods will remain the property of Flip File Displays unless sold to the hirer under a separate agreement.
Not to sell or offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, sub-let or transfer the goods.
The hirer is responsible for the duration of the rental period, to cover the goods with full comprehensive insurance for period of the hire and the return and all risks of third party liability arising out of the hire usage.


Flip File Displays is responsible for the delivery of the goods and the coverage of compensation of the goods from our premises to the customer's premises.
The hirer is responsible for the return of the goods and the coverage of compensation of the return of the goods from your premises to our premises, unless an agreement is made prior to the return.
Flip File Displays can and will arrange the return of the goods if requested however; this is an additional charge to the hirer and must be paid in full prior to the actual collection. Failed releases will be charged to the hirer if we attempt to collect the goods and nobody releases on the pre-arranged date, please be warned that these charges can be £15+VAT per failed attempt - tip: to avoid any unwanted charges please make yourself and the goods available between 12:00hrs-17:00hrs Monday-Friday.
Returned items must be sent to Flip File Displays on a 24hr signed delivery service.
Hirer is responsible to remove all old posting documentation.
Ensure that you read section 11.2

The contract can only be cancelled prior to the delivery of the goods by the agreement in writing of both parties and upon the payment to Flip File Displays of such amount that may be necessary to indemnify Flip File Displays against all loss resulting from the said cancellation, this includes any posting costs incurred by Flip File Displays
Without prejudice to section 14.1 above Flip File Displays also reserves the right to make the cancellation charge equal to 15% of the rental charges due hereunder.
In the event that the goods have already been shipped, then the hirer is responsible for the charges of rental until the goods are returned to Flip File Displays. We will do our utmost to stop the transportation if still in transit however, some times this is not practical and the goods have to be either accepted or refused - if refused then the return journey will be charged + the hire period If accepted then you will be charged for the hire only as you will be paying for the return also see section 13.3


Charges are ceased when the goods are returned to Flip File Displays in good condition and within the agreed time frame; late returns are subjected to extended charges as mentioned within sections 11-14.


We aim to supply all listed goods within the individual times stated per item.
Certain goods can and will take additional days for supply, these will be clearly indicated within each listing however; we reserve the right to make direct contact with the purchaser via email (where possible) to supply the purchaser an exact expected time of arrival, we will also where possible call the client but, email is our first choice of contact
Dates indicated are to be treated only as a guidance of supply.
Flip File Displays cannot be responsible for our selected courier delay however; Flip File Displays will make direct contact with the purchaser should we detect a delay caused by our selected courier and this is done so by any contact details supplied at the point of order
Delays caused by couriers cannot be the responsibility of Flip File Displays
Flip File Displays will not take responsibility on possible refunds, both full or partial if the selected courier can be proven to be responsible for the actual delay as these possible delays are beyond our and your own control

17 PCI Complient:

We aim to supply our customers with complete 'Peace of Mind' on their purchases
Date: 10th January 2015 - we came 'Fully PCI DSS Compliance' with Barclaycard Merchant Services
PCI Security Standards are Technical and Operational requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to protect cardholder data
The standards globally govern all merchants and organizations that store, process or transmit this data, and include specific requirements for software developers and manufacturers of applications and devices used in the transaction process.

Benefits of using PA-DSS software include:

1. Decreases Clients & Merchants Online Business Risks
2. Ensures Online Payment Solutions meet the highest levels of security
3. Prevents storage of sensitive cardholder data
4. Reduces opportunities for compromise and misuse
5. Operates a complete 3D Secure Payment Gateway (safest way to create a website Order)
6. Hence 'Peace of Mind' shopping and 'Full Payment Security'