Flip File Displays (Monitored Prices & Support)

Monitored Prices & Support
We aim to offer unbeatable value, through outstanding prices, quality, choice and service. We cut prices and help customers spend less every day. Over the past year, we have made long-term price reductions

1. We have a dedicated customer service team that allows you to talk to a person!
2. We have vast product knowledge.
3. We can help you plan your crucial exhibition event.
4. We not only sell but we even offer a selection of rental service packages
5. Why not call us for a chat? = 01244 470905

We have noticed that all UK businesses planning an exhibition purchases have the problem of finding suppliers to fall into line with their own revenue budgets, plus the most crucial requirement is to supply the goods within plenty of time for their planned exhibition date. Our customer service team at Flip File Displays pride ourselves into ensuring our costs are monitored for protection of your budget plus your products arrive on the planned date

CASE STUDY 1 - How We Cut Prices
Our commitment to cutting prices is driven by customer demand, competition within the industry and our desire to meet our customer's wants and needs, basically the more popular the item the lower the costs.

CASE STUDY 2 - How We Cut Prices
Flip File Displays also own a Worldwide logistics business: this company can also arrange Urgent Sameday movement of document to pallets around the UK plus both Importation and Exportation from a possible 200+ countries and territories of the world - working closely with our logistics sister company we control the postage costs, tracking, problem solving, third party uplifts, damage control and administrational control, this partnership allows our customers maximum "peace of mind" and more importantly allows us maximum "flexibility" to support our customers "wants and needs"

CASE STUDY 3 - Monitoring other websites

Listed is a few charges other businesses may make and we don't:

1. Packing charge in addition to the delivery charge.
2. Delivery insurance charged based on value of actual goods.
3. Charging you to actually collect your goods from their premises.
4. London congestion charges
5. Premium charge rates for 0870 or 0871 telephone numbers.

CASE STUDY 4 - Pallet Service
If we detect that bulk buying customers can save money on postage by sending goods on a pallet delivery service rather than within several parcels, we will do this + pass savings to our customers

CASE STUDY 5 - Lot's of the same product
Of course the more units ordered of the same ordered product will attract discounts to our customers, definition of lot's is units exceeding 10+ products

CASE STUDY 6 - Customer Loyalty
We value customer's ongoing loyalty as we view a repeat customer the best compliment to our business, looking after loyal customers also encourages them to recommend our business which is the best praise we can possibly gain