Flip File Displays (Delivery Details)

Orders under £1,000:-
Standard delivery charges are listed on the actual check out page

Posting Costs - UK Deliveries-
Weight of goods - up to 1kg = £12.99
Weight of goods - up to 10kgs = £13.99
Weight of goods - up to 15kgs = £14.99
Weight of goods - up to 20kgs = £16.99
Weight of goods - up to 30kgs = £24.99
Weight of goods - up to 40kgs = £29.99
Weight of goods - up to 50kgs = £49.99
Weight of goods - These postage charges will be automatically added on the check-out page!

STOP - UK Deliveries-
Some of our listed items are sent on a pallet service, any posting costs for pallet delivery, will be listed within the individual product description page. An example of this is our Large Raffle Drum listing Website ref: UK22F

Weight calculation:-
The majority of our listed items have the individual weight listed within their own unique descriptions however; items not listing the actual weight will be highlighted by posting costs on the actual check out page, please use the above given prices as reference only, exact prices are either given on each listing or on the actual check-out page

UK Pallets:-
We can arrange pallet movements of stock and pallet allowances must not exceed 1000kgs L120cms x W120cms x H200cms. We can ship pallets to England / Wales / Scotland and Northern Ireland, all other areas please call for unique costing

Standard Speed of Deliveries:
All services where stock is available, will be sent on a 24hr signed delivery service however; the majority of orders must be supplied before 1pm to ensure an overnight service

Timed Faster Service:

Quicker timed deliveries is possible 09:30 and 10:30 and 12:00 however; please call 01244 470905 or email if a faster service is required otherwise standard service will be used

International Orders:
Our website has been set up for UK movements only however; we can ship the majority of the listed goods to the majority of worldwide address. Please email your desired orders and supply your full address and we will respond with posting costs

Logistics Carrier:
We have a sister logistics company called - Tel: 0845 1080046

Website Address - Press this website link = 1st Parcel Direct they can help you with all types of logistics concerns i.e. UK Envelopes + Parcels + Pallets + Worldwide Import and Exports